9:00 – 16:30

4 OR, 8 attendees, 4 Proctors

Attendees will be selected by Intuitive local contact across Europe. The requirement is minimum 50 robotic procedures in order to have a relevant masterclass

1: Pelvic nerve anatomy and virtual spaces dissection (E. Vincens)

2-3: Radical Hysterectomy, trans peritoneal lymphadenectomy (A.S. Bats, V. Zanagnolo)

2-3: Extra peritoneal paraaortic approach (Xi, F. Narducci in addition to radical hysterectomy)

4: DI Endometriosis, rectal shaving, discoid resection, manual anastomosis (P. Collinet)



D. Hudry, L. Bresson, T. Hebert

Da Vinci Pre course online theoritical trainee validation required for final registration. Find out more here.

Please register here for the pre-course validation: Online community da Vinci.

Three days of practical course during the congress, in satellite room close to the meeting

Session 1 on June 14th (1 hour): Training with individual coaching

Session 2 on June 15th (1 hour): Training with individual coaching

Session 3 on June 16th (1 hour): Certification

At the end, certificates will be attributed according to the results of each participants with benchmark of their performance


ESGE Laparoscopic skills workshop (LASTT-SUTT)

Y. Vanbelle

Each participant will attend two differents sessions:

Theoritical session (3hours)

Hands-on session LASTT/SUTT (3 hours)

Programme – Thursday 15th June:

  • 08:30 – 12:00:  Lecture session groupe A (max 20 participants) and Hands-on session groupe B  (max 20 participants)
  • 14:00 – 17:30:  Lecture session groupe B (max 20 participants) and Hands-on session groupe A  (max 20 participants)

Programme of the lecture session (180 min):

  • Endoscopic training: different modalities  (Jerome Phalippou / David Vandendriessche)
  • Importance of endoscopic training (Jerome Phalippou / David Vandendriessche)
  • Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) Programme (Y. Van Belle)
  • Ergonomy and basic laparoscopic suturing (F. Campolo)
  • Modern hysteroscopy and training (Y. Van Belle)
  • Loading the needle and stiching techniques (F. Campolo)

Programme of the Hands-on session (180 min):

  • Laparoscopic psychomotor skills assessment (90 min)
  • Laparoscopic suturing skills, training and testing (90 min)


For more information, please find the invitation to the ESGE workshop and updated programme


Applied Single-Port Skills workshop

T. Kakkos, C. Andrade, J. Faes, V. Garcia

Presentation of Single-Port access and of the exercices (1/2h)

Laptrainer SIMSEI: psychomotor skills (1H1/2)

Surgical procedure: hysterectomy on a silicon simulator (1h)



J.P. Henry

Presentation of the Team training (1/2 Hour)

Games: build your team and play to improve your performance in communication (1 Hour)

Participants are invited to register in teams (surgeons, nurses, anesthesists, …) for the games

More information here.



Nurses Robotic Simulation on hands session

1 hour session with specific curriculum

1 session per day