Thursday, June 15th

9:00-9:15 Welcome word and introducing program
(Christina Eten Bergqvist, OR Nurse at the GYN Department, University Hospital in Lund and Patricia Vanrumbeke, OR Nurse, Oscar Lambret Center, Lille)
Moderator to present the speakers and their subjects/ guide them + questions: Christina Eten Bergvist/ Oscar Lambret Center nurse
Live surgery: possible access to live surgery and talks during the day (“Atrium”)
9:15-10:15 Robotic surgery and fast track (Magali Hoarau and Carine Santarelli, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Marseille )
  • Single port/ laparoscopy (Oscar Lambret Center)
  • 10’ Programming (dedicated service to call patients at home the day before and the next by nurse, education and informations, outpatient hospitalization depending the place of life’s patient, the entourage, consultation of anesthesia with pre operatives instructions) +Questions 5’
  • 5’ Pre operatives protocols (shower at home, administrative simplified) +Questions 5’
  • 5’ Per operatives protocols (choice of surgery technique/single port, evacuating urinary catheterization, anti pain protocol, surgical glue, decrease in interscapular pain) +Questions 5’
  • 5’ Post operatives protocols (instructions for return, phone call at home Day 1) +Questions 5’
  • 10’ Single port’s surgical technical step by step, advantages +Questions 5’
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:05 Robotic surgery and anesthesia (Oscar Lambret Center, Sandra Vannin, Francoise Depriester, Nurses anesthetist)
  • 15’ Impacts and risks related to specifics installations of robotic surgery
  • Checks and precautions before draping with adapted material
  • Patient standing (photos and videos+++)
  • Questions 5’
11:05-11:25 Robot new generation (Mélanie Flament, OR Nurse, Oscar Lambret Centre, Lille)
  • 15’ Historical of surgical robots‘s evolution
  • Da Vinci XI: 4 identics arms, evolution “all in 1” (optical), placements of the arms with targeting, association operating table and robot, column and scalpel generator
  • Questions/ discussion 5’
11:25-11:45 Simple Hysterectomy robot assisted step by step
(Kristina Dahlqvist, RN CNOR and Karin Burman, RN CNOR Central Operation  (GYN) Karolinska University Hospital, Solna)
  • 15’ Operating room, tests, patient’s installation, draping arms, instruments, surgical steps (nurse’s role with uterine manipulator, vaginal extraction, vesical test)
  • Photographs+++++videos++++
  • Questions/discussion 5’
11:45-12:10 Hey nurses! We buy a robot for our operative room! (TBA)
What to think about installation of a robot in your center (clean and salts material’s circulation, stocks, storage and management of the orders), organization of the robotic instruments’s containers (standardized or according to specialities/number of lives)
12:10-12:45 The forceps’ trip (Fanny Quiret, OR Nurse, Oscar Lambret Center, Lille)
  • Support for hardware from the end of surgery to the return of sterile containers: sterilization outsourced?
  • Video 5’
  • Discussion: how are things at your place? 5’10’
12:45-14:00 Lunch, poster visit
14:00-14:30 Emergency management and dysfunctions in robotic surgery (Christina Eten Bergqvist, OR Nurse at the GYN Department at the University hospital in Lund)
  • 20’ Laparotomy conversion, blocked instruments, protocols, standardization of practices, simulation? (link with Friday) +Questions 10’
14:30-16:00 Other fields in robotic surgery
  • 10’ Digestive surgery (Martine Lehiany, ICM, CLCC Montpellier) surgical procedures, patient’s installations, operative room’s organization +Questions 5’
  • 10’ Ear, nose and throat surgery (Eva-Lena Isaksson, RN CNOR, Central Operation (ENT) Skane University Hospital, Lund) surgical procedures, patient’s installations, operative room’s organization +Questions 5’
  • 10’ Pediatric surgery (David LE BRIS et Stéphanie CADO, APHP Hopital Necker PARIS) surgical procedures, patient’s installations, operative room’s organization +Questions 5’
  • 10’ Thoracic surgery (TBA) surgical procedures, patient’s installations, operative room’s organization +Questions 5’
  • 10’ Urologic surgery  surgical procedures, patient’s installations, operative room’s organization  (Delphine Tours) +Questions 5’
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:00 Connected project
News about our profession
Operating room Nurse in Europe: What differences? (May KARAM, EORNA president)
What about a Facebook group or page: support for sharing information and experience, news…or another kind of platform, digital age
 Gala dinner

Friday, June 16th

8:30-16:00 Possible access to video session during the day – surgical meeting in Teilhard de Chardin amphitheater
8:30-9:30 Optimize your no techs (Stan Institute)
The understanding of the Non technical Skills is issued from the aeronautic.
It represents 75 % of the effiency in the OR.
To optimize them, you first have to fully figure them out.
9:30 Serious games, Stan institute
Team training on simulator
Neutralize a bomb! Do you have to cut the red or blue wire?
Train your team playing with a serious game… And understand the importance of communication and Situational Awareness. Do not err! Without the team, impossible to succeed.
Experiment in the OR
Perform surgical operation on the latest generation surgical robot.
Something happens! How does your team react?
Challenge your team and debrief all together!
The robot DA VINCI XI (Oscar Lambret Center OR Nurses)
Installation in the operative room, connections, put in function
Menu (patient trolley): choice of the anatomical region according to the surgery
Different movements of the arms’, arms‘ draping, mobilization of the robot, placement for targeting, docking, connecting OR table
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
12:30-14:00 Lunch
16:00 Closing speech and thanks: Christina Eten Bergqvist/ Patricia Vanrumbeke
Satisfaction survey
Mailing/ network creation