Webinar – Chirurgie endoscopique de l'endométriose, du plus simple au plus compliqué – Medtronic
Webinar – Chirurgie endoscopique de l'endométriose, du plus simple au plus compliqué – Medtronic
Our 3 workshops during SERGS
You act in the virtual, and the consequences might be real
Optimize your NoTechS
Optimize your NoTechS
The understanding of the Non-Technical Skills is issued from the aeronautic. It represents 75% of the efficiency in the OR. To optimize them, you first have to fully figure them out.

Jean-Pierre HENRY introduce you to the Non-Technical Skills potential
Neutralize a bomb
Neutralize a bomb
Do you have to cut the red or blue wire ? Train your team playing with a serious game… And understand the importance of communication and Situational Awareness

Do not err! Without the team, impossible to succeed
Experiment in the OR
Experiment in the OR
Perform surgical operation on the latest generation surgical robot. Something happens! How does your team reacts ?

Challenge your team and debrief all together


Increase the medical team work performance

Workshops & lectures

Optimize your Non-Technical Skills: Lecture about Situational Awareness, safe communication and synergy by Jean-Pierre HENRY CEO of STAN Institute and French Air Force Mirage 2000 Navigator.

Neutralize a bomb: Work on cooperation and communication during a serious game

Experiment in the OR: Using the da Vinci Xi robot, you have to manage the team through a simulation. After this session, you experiment the power of team debriefing.


Optimize your Non-Technical Skills: 1/2 hours, depending on available time

Neutralize a bomb: 1 hour session including briefing, training and debriefing

Experiment in the OR: 1 hour and half, including briefing, training (around 40 min. using the robot) and debriefing, twice a day.


Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, assistants




Trainings take place on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 June
during the congress.

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